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My Obsession [13 Dec 2008|02:28pm]
This is the journal about leaning about my obsession through distant observation.  She's incredible, I love you, I know so much about her, and she has never seen me.

Read all the dirty details.

Friends Only
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Facebook is a Stalker's Heaven [29 Dec 2007|09:11pm]

[ mood | amused ]

As these videos so vividly (and hilariously) convey...

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[21 Jan 2007|08:44pm]

This is quite interesting.
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[11 Feb 2006|09:45pm]

I'm not sure how I found this site but it kind of fits with my site. If any of you want to check it out feel free. I don't see myself as a real stalker either. She really lives too far away to actually stalk. But I know I'll never be able to forget her.
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Hi all, new member. [23 Oct 2005|08:20pm]

I'm dating one of my ex-"stalkers." I always thought his obsession was really sweet. I feel sad when people feel for me in ways I can't return, but overall I don't necessarily find stalkers creepy.

Oh, and I sort of stalk people too. Not people I am romantically interested in, though. I just often decide that someone is fun to watch, or (more frequently) I sort of "adopt" a person and watch over them, imagining that it's my job to secretly look out for their welfare. It could be, I dunno, a neighborhood kid who's sort of an outcast, or a quieter member of my social group, or whatever. I never end up becoming close friends with them, but I learn a lot about them. I am reluctant to tell real friends about this habit of mine, because it seems really creepy, but I consider myself pretty harmless... I don't expect anything from the people I stalk, and I mean them well. I don't know why I do it.

So there you go! That's me.
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[18 Aug 2005|11:50pm]

am i crazy?
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help [25 Jul 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | determined ]

hey. i need to find someone. i've been searching the internet for four months and i've found a possible unlisted phone number but thats it. What I wanted to know is... any recommended websites where i could search for free? US Search and Intelius arent free and White Pages doesnt help because he's unlisted. If you have one of those services or are willing to help me, i'll tell you everything i know. Please help me. I'm not stalking him i'm just desperate to contact him. thank you.


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Yay...stalking!! [13 Mar 2006|02:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

this is an awesome community! I stalk on accedent sometimes. It makes things aqward sometimes because once you actually talk to the person you've been stalking you end up knowing things about them that you shouldn't. Like I found things out about this guy I liked...then I wound up asking him out...through friends and I didn't know what to say during the date because I just couldn't think of a way to have him say what I already knew! hehe it was quite sad.
It's fun though knowing things about people...and having them freak out when you tell them what you know. I've even stalked online before. Figuring things out about people through their LJ posts and myspace friends. hehe so yeah! If anyone wants to add me or whatever just tell!

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[09 Jan 2005|05:19pm]

"Stalkers, Stalkers, Stalkers... unite".
*Rolls eyes at the people who are uber-fearful of us*. We're not REAL stalkers.


But I loved to people watch.
And the people I'm attracted to, both guys n girls, I start to learn the patterns of their daily lives.
Like.. when they'll have their breaks at work so I can see them.
When the best time of day is to talk to them, when they are in their best moods.
Ways to make them laugh.
Ways to make them notice me.


I Never Got To Say Goodbye..
Read more...Collapse )
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Someone commented to my entry [23 Jul 2004|01:43pm]

I was midnightslumber. And, I can't seem to respond to the entry so here is my response to your comment Mapeko.

I haven't the slightest why I am the way I am. But, usually when I get "attatched" to someone, it's like a really strong one. When it gets messed up for reasons unknown to me then it irks me. Plus the person I "stalk" was my "ideal" best-friend. When I visited her for a month in Maine (we were online friends, then penpals 3yrs, then we met). But anyways when I stayed there we did all the things I had always wanted to do with a friend. It was special. I don't need to name all those things we did do. But, she was "what I always wanted", and now shes gone. I am alone w/no friends AT all. It's no wonder I can't let go. I told my therapist I felt "she was the only one who actually undertstood me. Listened to me. And, only person I had LONG deep conversations with" and she said "No wonder you can't let her go". I can't let go of my grandfather either, though he's dead. But, because he was such a great man. Life fell apart for all family members after he died. He was like the glue that held us together. I mean if you think about the person you can't stop thinking about or want back in your life what signifigance did they have to you? What were they that other people are not? It could be absolutely no wonder that you can't let go. Not checmical or anything like that. It's hard to let go of people we held high and felt were special. But, that's why I "stalk" (not really lately) and can't let go. Don't know for other people though.
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[15 Jul 2004|01:46am]

[ mood | sad ]

♥ I think he's sick of me.
♥ Tired of dealing with me.
♥ And I can't blame him.
♥ I'm really horrible.
♥ I even lower myself to this level of letting him know that he can easily make me cry.
♥ And he does.
♥ I say the weakest, stupidest things to him, just in hopes that he might care a little.
♥ But he just brushes them off with a simple word or phrase that just tears me down.
♥ I joke with him about crying and cutting, like I'm not serious.
♥ But so sadly, I am.
♥ I feel like I'm in a continuous emotional car crash, and I can't stop crashing.
♥ I just am so easily affected by him.
♥ I want nothing more than to stop.
♥ But I've already started, so I can't.
♥ I feel like I get caught in these horrible crazes when I like someone.
♥ I just feel awful that Adam has to be the victim.
♥ The crazy part is, I've never even met him.
♥ How can someone you don't even know, have such a profound effect on the way you feel?
♥ In a way, I hope that I hate him when I meet him.
♥ I don't want to feel like this any longer.
♥ But I know even when this ends, it'll start over with someone else.
♥ What is wrong with me?
♥ Why do I let myself inflict so much pain upon myself and another?
♥ I just want a moment of happiness, but I'm only good at bringing myself sadness.
♥ And why is it that the more I care, the less he does, and the less he cares, the more I do?
♥ I should ignore him for a while.
♥ I'm clearly coming across like a needy, whiney attention whore.
♥ And I don't want him to hate me.
♥ I think he likes her, or her, or maybe her.
♥ I wish I wasn't fat, then everyone would love me.
♥ Or if I was pretty.
♥ I hate myself.
♥ But I love hisself.

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[25 Jun 2004|11:45pm]


I heart the-a-Adam.  He's so wonderful.  And I'm so creepy and obsessive.  I just wish he was all mine.  And that I could have him whenever I wanted, always. 

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i did it again. [26 May 2004|07:40pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

(i'm glad this community exists. i need to get this out somewhere.)

i didn't think i would do it again, but i drove past his house again today. i figured i was 'in town' so i should do it.

again, no one seemed to be home. there was a car parked at the curb between his house and the neighbor's house, but the place still seemed empty.

i just want to know how he's doing and if he is happy now. i'm just afraid of calling him and saying, 'hey, what's up? remember me from those few weeks nearly 8 years ago?'

i mean, why do i still remember him so well? i've had dreams about him constantly (except for a period covering the years 2000 and 2001) since the day i met him in 1996.

i remember thinking to myself back in 1996, 'oh, crap. i think i am in love with him. but i shouldn't be in love. i am only 11.' i wanted to tell him, but i am a coward. i never told him how i felt, and i never told anyone else about how i felt about him.

i wish i had told him. if we got together i know we probably still wouldn't be together, but i still regret never telling him my feelings. i know it is a moot point now, but every time i 'see' him in my dreams i think about this. (i don't even really remeber what he looked like!)

after i drove past his house i decided to get a drink at the coffee shop outside of the subdivision he lives in. the guy who made me my iced mocha looked like him (or at least what i remember of him). i regret not saying anything. but what would i have said? i regret not looking into his eyes (i would have known if it was him then).

i don't want anything from him except to know if he is happy in life. i don't even want his friendship, even though that would be nice. i certainly do not want his love, for i am (happily?) engaged. i just want to see him again and talk to him. i want to know if he remembers me, too.

the first few lines of a certain song ('jonathon fisk' by spoon, an indie rock band) remind me of how i feel:

maybe you remember
maybe you're locked away
maybe we'll meet again
some better day
some better life

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hello. [02 May 2004|01:02pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

hello. i like to 'observe,' though some people call it 'stalking.'

i really like to drive by this guy's house and try to see him (even though it is around 130 miles away). i used to like him a few years ago and i still have dreams about him. i just want to see how he is doing now. (plus, i kind of forgot what he looks like and i would like to know...)

i know it sounds a bit crazy, especially since i am engaged to someone right now, but what ever.

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And someday when the pretty thing finds hers...I must have it. [22 Jul 2003|07:48pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Well well, I'm starting to think that this community needs a shock and awe campaign to keep it alive. Too late, not enough awe.

We've spiffed things up a bit here. Tweaked the layout and personal info. And finally we have an icon! Cool points for everyone.

I ended up attracting a stalker in the bad way recently. A 34 year old man that lived down the street from me who wouldn't take "no" for an answer and grew too handsy. The other man that was stalking me through zines and e-mail but too frightened to make actual face to face contact started to lay off. And since he seems relatively harmless, I started to counter-stalk him. I've been e-mailing him quite a bit and hanging out in the comic book shop he frequents in hopes of running into him. I've even considered loitering in front of his apartment building. For a counter-stalking situation, I'm doing a much better job than he has ben. Wish me luck with this guy. My goal is to go out for a cup of coffee with him in the near future.

Can you hear that? The sound of my writing skills flushing down the tubes?

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[08 Jul 2003|12:30pm]

The verdict is in...


Final analysis? Dirtwolf makes no sense. In conclusion, I'm still composing my reply to him. When that happens, I'll post it here.
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I'm choking on my heart just waiting for your call... [04 Jul 2003|09:33pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Korn Nuts has bit the bullet. She has messaged her stalkee and confessed her stalking "observing." I wonder if I'll ever get a reply... Contents as follows:

Dear Dirtwolf,
I think I may have run into you again not too long ago, but it's taken me awhile to get on here and send a message. I think I may have creeped you out a bit and if so, I am sorry. Maybe I should just fess up already. I'll admit that I've been kind of observing you for a little while...once in awhile, while I'm at the Fireside tabling, I'll see you and observe. I believe this might have creeped you out. If so, I'm very sorry. I'll just confess and say the reason why I was doing such a thing is because you're very pretty. So, alleviate any suspicion, I've been observing you. Sorry... I hope I didn't scare you, as I didn't intend to.
Now, on to where I may have seen you. There was a PAL show at the home of Billy Roberts (on Augusta) on June 24th...I believe you kicked my elbow. I didn't even notice it was you, said it was all right, and shrugged it off. Later on, my friend Krystle (who knew that I was kind of observing you...) told me you were there and that your hair had changed. I didn't even notice until she pointed it out. See...I am good friends with both Billy and Krystle (his roommate) and that's why I was there. But anyway...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I figured I should finally come clean with you or something...heh. So...all suspicions alleviated. I hope you aren't creeped out. You're just pretty is all. Yeah...anyway...see you around I guess, or something.

End Transmission

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Once upon a compromise, I dressed up as a regular guy... [03 Jun 2003|02:47am]

[ mood | amused ] name is Jenny.
*Hi Jenny.*
And I have been accused of being a stalker. I've been accused of stalking Billy (AKA Cute 'Zine Boy) from Loop Distro, and am actively stalking one other person who, at this present time, shall remain nameless.

I have been told that Steve from Metropolis Comics is stalking me (but that's okay...Steve's a funny guy) and I was also once stalked by a guy named DoFo. It was creepy.

I think that's it for now...I think I may have been accused of stalking Davey Havok as well, by my art teacher...but that's not's appreciation. Whaveter. That's about it for now...more updates on my stalkee as they come...damn, he's just pretty.

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hrmmm... [03 Jun 2003|12:19am]

[ mood | creeeeepy ]

since I'm stalking one of the creators of this place, I figured I should join.


*mails dapper_skank more eyeballs*

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Ladies and Gentlemen, A Flock of Seagulls. [02 Jun 2003|09:52pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Some say that stalking a person in a non-threatening way is romantic. If this "theory" interests you then you should visit Loop Distro and consider reading the zines Proof I Exist #3 and Bleach #6. These zines (and I'm sure many more) offer touching and elaborate stalking stories.

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